search engine optimisation (seo)

The use of Search Engine optimisation and search engine promotion helps a web site to be found through a wide range of internet search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo etc). Well promoted, high quality websites should achieve ranking results for numerous search strings, i.e. ‘web design company' and 'professional website design' are possibilities that a end user may type in to find a design company.

By designing and developing a website to be search engine friendly and supplying interesting relevant content will increase your sites ranking results.


Well optimised and promoted websites will give high ranking positions for more search strings, the higher these positions the more traffic will be guided to your website.

The search engines are becoming one the most important areas to place your company branding, by creating not only a local and regional but national and worldwide market it opens up literally millions of sale opportunities for the majority of businesses. It is important that a business is promoted online to get the complete marketing package that companies need to succeed in today's competitive environment.

A properly optimised website has a much higher probability of success in the search engines. All stages have to be correctly approached to give the best results, for example a well optimised webpage where the information and title is themed correctly for keywords, will still be affected by its internet link popularity.

This means that to produce a search engine friendly content managed or e-Commerce website needs the company supplying the solution to understand not only the search engines and search engine friendly web design and build, but also to develop solutions to be search engine friendly.

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Multiple browsers compatible

Our websites work on all the main browsers (IE 6.0 / IE7 / IE8, FireFox 3.5+, Safar 4+, Chrome, Opera). Coded with high web standards XHTML and CSS. Clean, flexible and effective marketing tools.
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Our bespoke content management systen (CMS) gives you the client, full control over editing and updating your website. But we are still here if you need a hand.
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While the Internet gives the impression that it is taking over the 'information' supply chain, there is still a need for effective print based design. Print media remains an integral part of present day business promotion.
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