e-commerce website design

A full database driven e-commerce website can be tailored to suit your particular needs and budget.
E-Commerce websites offer a new information and sales vehicle for your company giving benefits not available with traditional trading methods. 24/7 customer access, reduced costs giving higher margins, instant product and stock updates, secure multi tier pricing options for trade and end user increasing your market penetration, and cost effective promotional activity are just a few of the advantages.

E-commerce software solutions come in many different forms, styles, and functionality. Each e-Commerce system has advantages & disadvantages, from 'Off the shelf solutions' to bespoke developed solutions, each offers different e-Commerce options that will be of value to different clients.


OS-Commerce solution software systems
The advantages of some off the shelf software solutions are obvious, the main being the cost, these systems are less costly to purchase. These e-Commerce solutions due to their nature and market arena are developed to suit the widest audience, being designed for a large number of product types they have a lot of ‘power' for the smaller investment.

Evolve365 specialises in the production of full e-commerce websites utilising the ‘back-end' system of OS-Commerce and CREloaded. These online shop systems are powerful, full of functionality and are supported by a worldwide network of developers.

We can design your own bespoke design (skin) and merge it with the OSC backend and create the required MySQL database for your products. Powerful yet cost effective and within easy reach of all companies, not just the big players.

Take a look at out portfloio to view examples of out work.


Multiple browsers compatible

Our websites work on all the main browsers (IE 6.0 / IE7 / IE8, FireFox 3.5+, Safar 4+, Chrome, Opera). Coded with high web standards XHTML and CSS. Clean, flexible and effective marketing tools.
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Our bespoke content management systen (CMS) gives you the client, full control over editing and updating your website. But we are still here if you need a hand.
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While the Internet gives the impression that it is taking over the 'information' supply chain, there is still a need for effective print based design. Print media remains an integral part of present day business promotion.
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