website content management system

Content management systems (CMS) allow complete instant control over your online information, they work within your website giving access to all updateable areas. Site features may be altered from within any Internet browser, meaning updates may be completed from any PC with internet access from anywhere in the world. CMS is effectively complete control over text, images, photographs and graphics.


A CMS system enables any specified user the ability to author specific daily content and media for their website without having to learn new technologies.

A content management solution may enable the administrator(s) of the system to create additional authors but only allow them access to edit certain areas, this can be highly effective as for example a company press officer can be given access to update the website news area, or the management team can be given access to update the company mission statement.

Our content management solution has built in functionality to cover all aspects of search engine promotion such as the ability to create and modify the title, description and keywords meta tags for each web page.

Having teamed up with PHPWorks to utilise their CMS system called 'XYROS', we are able to offer a very powerful solution to our clients in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Please contact us for further information or a demonstration of the system.


Multiple browsers compatible

Our websites work on all the main browsers (IE 6.0 / IE7 / IE8, FireFox 3.5+, Safar 4+, Chrome, Opera). Coded with high web standards XHTML and CSS. Clean, flexible and effective marketing tools.
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Our bespoke content management systen (CMS) gives you the client, full control over editing and updating your website. But we are still here if you need a hand.
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While the Internet gives the impression that it is taking over the 'information' supply chain, there is still a need for effective print based design. Print media remains an integral part of present day business promotion.
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