the pain of different browsers!

Browser compatibility is the ability of the Web browser to properly interpret the hypertext markup language (HTML) that renders Web pages. HTML is a coding language that is “understood” a little differently by each Web browser. Most sites are designed to look correct in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, because it is believed to be the most ubiquitous browser. However, as a Web designers, our task is to code a site for maximum browser compatibility so that the pages look correct in other popular browsers as well, such as FireFox, Netscape, Opera and Chrome.

Aside from the difference in browsers, another factor that plays into browser compatibility is whether the surfer is using a standard PC and Windows, Linux, or a Mac computer. The same browser will render the pages a little differently from each of these platforms.


Google in particular, and search engines more generally are the single greatest source of traffic for most web sites. While there are many tricks and techniques for increasing search engine visibility, there are some basics that many sites simply don't get right. Using valid standard based code greatly increases the basic visibility of a site to Google and other engines in comparison with older development techniques.

All our internet based projects, whether it's a website, email campaing, online questionnaire, blog or forum, are all treated to extensive testing and validation.

If you have any questions, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Multiple browsers compatible

Our websites work on all the main browsers (IE 6.0 / IE7 / IE8, FireFox 3.5+, Safar 4+, Chrome, Opera). Coded with high web standards XHTML and CSS. Clean, flexible and effective marketing tools.
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Our bespoke content management systen (CMS) gives you the client, full control over editing and updating your website. But we are still here if you need a hand.
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While the Internet gives the impression that it is taking over the 'information' supply chain, there is still a need for effective print based design. Print media remains an integral part of present day business promotion.
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